World Embroidery Day July 30, 2017

World Embroidery Day July 30, 2017

Many of us take embroidery work along for the ride when we travel. Aside from requiring a small amount of materials, it is easier to bring along, and passes the time. Did you know that a special day existed for Embroidery? Read below about the start of World Embroidery Day.

Natalie Bird

How Did World Embroidery Day Get Started?

Two wonderful ladies from the Swedish Embroiderers Guild created the day in 2011. Created by Kerstin Nettelblad and Skåne Sy-d the world celebrates the day every July 30th. Jenny Willing Cardon from Martingale Press says that her staff has a “Handwork Happy Hour” during lunchtime on Wednesdays. Imagine having several ladies at your work getting together at lunchtime to embroider. Aside from the motivation from your group, your projects would more than likely get finished.

Most of us have embroidery patterns or books that have sat shelved for far too long. If you have one last vacation planned prior to the end of summer, you may want to spend tomorrow gathering materials and printing a pattern to work on for the trip. Once you have your materials gathered, place them in a nice pouch or small bag. Once it is time to leave, you can grab the pouch and set off on your trip. Most of the time, if I take the time to prepare in advance, I find I am more apt to take the project along.

Kathy Schmitz Embroidery

Waiting at the Dr.’s Office

While waiting at the Dr.’s office the other day, I finished adding hand embroidered details on small quilt. It literally seemed like I had only been sitting there for 10 minutes. Not only did the appointment time fly by, but I could hardly contain my excitement for getting the quilt finished. If you too find yourself waiting in offices for appointment, you may want to take hand embroidery work along. It makes the wait far less painful.

Check out the rest of Jenny’s post about World Embroidery Day. She has several inspiring pictures along with a free ebook containing hand embroidery stitches.


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