Hi ! Welcome to my unique and varied collection of everything from quilting to writing to small hobby farming etc. I am a mom to 4 great kids. A wife to an awesome husband, and head honcho to a collection of farm animals. We live just outside of Pittsburgh, Pa and enjoy hanging out with our family. I am a Christian and believe that God created the universe, Jesus died on the cross for my sins, and that we go to heaven when we die. I enjoy Italian and Chinese food the most, and love to bake. My kids keep me pretty busy and I am super proud of all of them. Future plans include a trip to Scotland with my husband one day. I am from the Guthrie Clan and he is part of the Royal Stewart clan.


Bachelor of Arts- English with Honors 1996  Chaminade University of Honolulu


1988-1993 Retail Experience

1996-1998 Life Insurance Industry

1999-2002- Finance Industry

2002-2011- Custom Drapery Workroom

2010-2017-Retail Quilt Shop

2017- Freelance Writing and Online Quilt Shop